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Over 15 years in collective marketing experience has taught me a few things.

Did we say few? We meant many.

Yet all of those “many things” really ladder up to One Important Thing.




Intrigue. Capture. Engage. Repeat.  It’s a simple formula, but not an easy one.

Once mastered, it’s also the framework for endless creative possibility. And real revenue.

What can you accomplish in 30 seconds?

Anything we watch, we watch with the hopes of being entertained, educated, or intrigued. We want a promise for the future. That’s the carrot. In terms of execution—simplicity, subtly. And consistency.  As well as a strong creative voice that will engage and guide the viewer to action. Combine these elements, and you can get whatever you ask for.

Radio Station

Web Series

Your company deals with a world of information about your product, market place and applications on a daily basis.

Let your clients know how passionate you are about the issue .

Product promotion

Speaking of entertaining and educating, this seems to be an imperative for brand survival today.  There are too many options, and most often people seek information before they seek brands. Positioning yourself as an industry authority, a reliable resource, and something of a friend, can do more for brand loyalty than any other media asset.

The Williamsburg Color Collection

Thought leadership

How is your product useful? How can it be reinvented, repurposed? How can it serve new needs, address new trends, and create beauty and utility in life? These things determine your brand personality and credibility, and keep customers coming back for more.  As a prominent interior designer, spokeswoman Candace Olson lent instant credibility (as well as an established following) to the Benjamin Moore brand.

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Thought leadership


Engagement can take many forms. Animations can display visually what the message is saying without requiring the time and expense of live shoots.

Making your content come to life

Animation allows for a creative alternative to brand representation. It’s also a great way to deliver fast conclusive information—especially in the face of constraints like timing or financing.


Video can bring employees together, create unity among different locations, and make corporate communications resonate with a personalized element.

Internal Strength

Keeping information fresh and employees updated with the latest achievements is crucial for motivation and morale. But just because its internal material doesn’t mean it should be dry. On the contrary, what employees feel about the company is as critical as any PR move. Capturing the story of company growth, community initiatives, and open forums on a secure connection or even serve as content for your monthly internal newsletter.

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